Prior to any service being undertaken I offer a free consultation whereby I will meet yourself and your pet, discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Dog Walking

We accommodate both group and individual walks, individual walks however must be scheduled outside of peak hours which are 10.30am – 2pm. Group walks are only available to sociable dogs and dogs with a basic level of training. We walk a maximum of four dogs at a time, this ensures each dog is being adequately cared for and is getting the attention they deserve on their walk!

Your dogs will go on a variety of walks to ensure they are always being mentally stimulated, walks are always a planned route for a full 30/60 minutes. They will at first be kept on a lead during walks, only with myself and your approval will a dog be allowed off the lead, this will be once I am sure the dog is responding well to us and their surroundings and we are in a safe environment. All walks are fun but also responsibly managed and well organised.

Your dogs will have access to fresh clean water on return from their walk and with your permission there are plenty of healthy high-quality treats available – we only use 100% meat treats (absolutely no nasties!) and we also use compostable poo bags.

Dogs will be transported in a fully air-conditioned vehicle complete with car safety harnesses. We use our own harnesses and leads, and all dogs go out with a high visibility collar and ID tag, we also GPS track our walks for even more peace of mind. We will always return your dog as clean and dry as possible to avoid mud and mess in your home! Once your pet is happily settled back at home we will send you a quick message letting you know they’re home and how the walk went.

Please also note dogs must be flead, wormed and vaccinated up to date, I will kindly request to see their vaccination card before their first walk.

Prices are as follows:

30 minute group walk – £8 (dogs from the same house only)

1 hour group walk – £12.50

30 minute individual walk – £11

1 hour individual walk – £16

Pet Home Visits

This service is perfect if you are working long hours or have other day time commitments and you just need an extra pair of hands! Home visits are for a minimum of 20 minutes and will be suited to your requirements, usually I will refresh your pets water, let them outside for a toilet break, clean up any accidents, feed (if required) and of course plenty of fuss and play time.

This also works brilliantly for cats, I will feed and water if needed, clean the litter tray and provide some play time!

I will also look after any small furies, if you’re going away and you need somebody to pop in look after your rabbit I can tailor a service to suit you. This can consist of feeding, replacing water, cleaning out their cage and even grooming.

You will receive a message from me at the end of every visit letting you know all is well and what your pet has been up to!

20-30 minute home visit – £9.00

Pet Sitting

This option is perfect if you don’t need your dog exercising but simply want to ensure they have some company and mental stimulation whilst you are away. It’s also great if your dog does not get on well with other dogs, you can have peace of mind they’re safe and happy at home getting all of the attention they need!

This service runs on an hour by hour basis and can work well alongside a walk if you wish. It is a perfect option for those days when you’re running late leaving work or maybe you’re going out for the day/night. Your dog will have a toilet break, feed and change water if needed, lots of play time and fuss and any other requirements you may have.

I will always keep you updated with pictures so you can rest assured your pet is being taken care of whilst you are away.

1 hour sitting – £16

2 hour sitting – £26

3 hour sitting – £33

Pet & Puppy Home Visits Worcester

Puppy Care

I am a firm believer that a house is not a home without a dog, if you’re desperate to add a four-legged friend into your home but you’re worried about having enough time, I can help.

Puppy care is a service tailored to your requirements but usually consists of 2 visits a day (am and pm) which include unlimited fuss and play time, feeding, watering, cleaning up accidents, a short local walk and even reinforcing any training you are currently trying to establish. We use our time with puppies to mentally stimulate them and occupy them to the best of our ability, we regularly teach puppies tricks and work on things like recall in the garden. It’s important to start your puppies education correctly, you can rest assured they’ll be in good knowledgeable hands whilst in our care.

By choosing this option your puppy is getting the best start and building a strong rapport with us which will give us a head start if you’re hoping for them to join our group walks when old enough.

Standard Puppy Care package £16